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The Unofficial Survival/Death Bracket for the Final Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Keep track of your heroes as you watch the final season! Thanks for playing!
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Official death count and results from episode one, two, three, four,  five, and six. WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

To all our wonderful fans who played and followed along, you have our undying gratitude. Thanks for following the throne til the end.

-Your Team at Follow The Throne


Winter is Here, All Hail the Final Season

Are you the best Game of Thrones fan out there? Are you struggling with post March Madness withdrawals? Do you want to be hip and cool and know what all your millennial co-workers are talking about in April? If you answered yes, then we have the game for you! Even if you are new to the series you can still follow the action and make predictions, it’s easy and free!

The Premise:

Winter is here… and war has come with it. As we follow our heroes and villains in the final season of Game of Thrones, only two questions remain. Who will survive and who will take the throne?


What you’ll Need

Our Bracket: Color | Grayscale
Maester/Score Keeper






How to play

Predict who will die and when. Predict who will take the Iron Throne. 

Brackets are due before episode one starts on April 14, 2019.

Score Keepers, follow the show or our site for official results, and keep track of points. 

See full rules below.


Rules of The Game

Select characters from the survivor list and place them in the episode you predict they will die in. As you fill your brackets, cross off survivors.  You can only choose a person once (yes we know people come back to life) but not everyone has to be chosen. You can have survivors. Only the first on screen death of this season will count (sorry Jon Snow, no unlimited lives).

Every death predicted is worth 1 point, regardless of the episode the death was guessed in. If the death was guessed in the correct episode then you multiply that point by the episode number. Example, you predict Cersei dies in the 5th episode correctly, that is worth 5pts (1pt x 5th episode=5pts), had you put her down on episode 3 you would only get 1 point for her episode 5 death.

Correct survivors left on the list are worth 1pt each.

“Nobody” can be used multiple times and is worth 10 base points. (Ex. “nobody” dies in episode 3; 10 points X 3 = 30pts). If you select “Nobody” you can’t use any characters for that round. “Nobody” applies if there are no characters killed from our list, random casualties will not count as long as they were not listed on our survivors list.


Who Takes the Throne

Throne Sword Chair

Who takes the throne is worth 50 points. You can split the throne for 25 points per person (Ex. Jon and Danny rule together).

If you put “Nobody” in the throne (in case kingdom was destroyed, disbanded, etc) that is also 50 points.

The Night King in throne: 100pts. All hail the Night King!

Who takes the throne refers to who becomes king/queen/ruler/president/dictator/winner not someone who physically sits on the iron throne chair.


More Rules

In case there is a future scene of 5 years or later, we will not count those deaths. Example Jon Snow becomes king and then they flash forward 100 years to see his descendants, that does not count as his death. However, if a character dies shortly after the resolution of the main plot, that will count as a death. (Ex. Jamie is wounded in the final battle and succumbs to his injuries within the 5 year period, that will count as an official death)

Turning into a wight/zombie counts as a death. Turning into a White Walker is complicated. As long as they maintain their integrity after turning into something else, the death will not be counted. (Ex.1 Tormund gets turned into Wight and starts attacking and killing his friends, that counts as a death. Ex. 2 Bran turns into a White Walker to save everyone, after turning he saves his friends and goes and lives peacefully north of the wall. Brans death would not count in this scenario).

Turn in your brackets to your designated Maester for safe keeping and scoring. Brackets are due before episode one starts on April 14, 2019.

Don’t worry about making hard judgement calls. We’ll post results here. Don’t like a rule? Feel free to change it for your own pool, have fun!

Caveats and Exceptions

Game of Thrones is unpredictable. There are bound to be rules and scenarios we have missed. Keep it friendly and channel your inner Ned Stark to come up with fair rulings, just don’t get beheaded in the process. To aid we’ll post rule updates to tricky scenarios if they arise.

Disclaimer (and some spoilers): Due to the fact that the North split off to become its own kingdom once again, one could argue that our winner should be split into two different rulers. However, after careful consideration, we agreed that the throne represented the ruler of majority of Westeros, and therefore is the one that was chosen by the council. (See our results page for winner, warning major spoilers)

Thanks For Playing!

Bracket/game created by us, graphics for web provided by: GOT | Free vector by Vexels